Thing 4 What I think about BLOGS

I think blogs are attractive to read because they are concise and informative. You can find them on any topic you are interested in, and they can introduce you to topics that you didn’t know you were interested in.  It is like sharing a conversation, the comments really make the conversations ‘happen’.  I also find that many comments help me think about how to apply the information that is presented in the original blog.

Reading Mark Ahlness’ blog “Is this SSR, 2.0?” and watching Jeff  Utecht’s podcast “Sustained Blogging in the Classroom” I became excited about using blogs during free reading time.  We can limit the blogs the children read, perhaps let them read our own daily or weekly blogs.  Of course let them read the blogs they and their classmates write. The blogs we are reading in our course are inspiring. They also lead to other blogs and other suggestions that are motivating. I think if we are motivated, the students will be too.

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