Thing 5 My Google Reading

Two summers ago I started, but didn’t finish our Web 2.0 course.  At that time I subscribed to a number of different feeds.  I would read or browse through these when I had some free time, which was not even on a weekly basis.  I mostly used the information for tools to enhance what we were already doing in our classrooms. I was also encouraged by reminders of how precious are students are, and how important our time with them can be.

This time around, I feel motivated to make sure I browse through my reader, if not daily,  at least a few times a week. I am captured by the blogs that talk about “reflection” and “passion”. I highly recommend the blog   “Reflect…Reflecting…Reflection..”. I need to learn how to reflect and write about my reflections. I’m very glad, that in our Web 2.0 course, we have a safe place to practice these skills.

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