Thing 6 Reading RSS

I really like reading the RSS feeds. I was happy to catch the updates to Google products from Free Technology for Teachers. Especially the changes to Google Maps. For example, when you want to create a new map you need to do so under “my places” instead of “my maps”. Reading further through my feeds I found another great tool from Successful Teaching called Animaps. This allows you to create animated maps, lines that move, pictures that pop up, a great tool for a history, science or geography project.

I found a lot of great advice from “What Ed Says”.  I starred her article titled 10 ways to encourage student reflection… This is a good reminder to not let the rush of getting things done get in the way of learning.

I’m also receiving news feeds about the fires in New Mexico.  I have a number of close relatives who had to evacuate. Thankfully they are back home. I saw an interesting feed today that talked about wild animals, including brown bears, who invaded the empty city of Los Alamos, looking for food.

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